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    Genuine Oem parts

    MADE IN JAPAN. At Yokohama Motors we sell Quality OEM Genuine Parts and Quality Japanese Aftermarket Brands. We do not offer anything but the best Parts for your Car or Truck; period. A perfect fit every time. We are an Authorized Re-Seller for All Japanese Manufacturers, no middle men. You are buying Maker Direct.


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    Yokohama Motors Team is run by Mechanics that are still Mechanics. We are all active in Vehicle Repair and all vice in all aspects of Automotive Repair. We wrote the book(s) on Japanese Truck/Van/Car Repair. Our Supreme Leader, James Danko is native of Flint, Michigan with over 35 years in the business. We simply know the trade, we are here to help.


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    in stock & shipping

    At Yokohama Motors we carry in stock over 150,000 Parts Locally. What we do not have in stock we can get within 24/48 Hours Monday through Saturday. Thousands of Items available for same day shipping to 142 Countries around the Globe. For Speed, you can depend on us, we simply cannot be beat.


whats is the difference between car dealer & Genuine oem parts dealer?

A car dealer is exactly what it sounds like; they sell cars/Trucks generally of a specific manufacturer. A Honda Dealer Sells & Services Honda Vehicles. They have access to the Honda Parts System but not to others like Toyota. When they need Parts they come to Genuine Parts Dealers to Source the Parts they require. Yokohama Motors is “The Parts Dealer” Clearing House. All types of Dealers and Repair Facilities come to Yokohama Motors as the “One Stop Shop” for all JDM Parts



Yokohama Motors is a world leader in Dealer Drop Shipping Services. We can either ship parts to you for re-distribution or ship to your customer direct on your behalf. Saving both time and cutting costs. Over 160 of our clients either completely or frequently use this service.

Custom Orders

Engines, Cylinder Heads, Transmission, and other quality rebuilt products are available for all Japanese Trucks and Cars. Feel free to as us about any items you may require. We offer custom built items that can fit almost any requirement.


Note: Special Order Disclaimer
For Special order non-stock or custom order items such as cylinder heads, engines and transmissions a non-refundable deposit is required. All items must be fully paid withing 45 days or will be restocked and the deposit forfeited. Please make sure your cicumstances before ordering non-stock custom items.


  • Cut Distribution Costs
  • Save Time & Money
  • Speedy Service
  • We do the Labeling packing

*Note: Drop Shipping Services require a corporate account with Yokohama Motors.

service database


Yokohama Motors offers Quality Japanese Aftermarket Parts for bulk buyers and resellers. We maintain a large database for the following respective manufacturers and more.

  • Pitwork (Nissan Group)
  • Akebono Brake
  • Micro Filters System
  • NKN Driveshafts
  • OHNO Rubber & Gaskets
  • KP & SUN Gaskets
  • MUSASHI Oil Seals
  • EXEDY Clutch Components
  • Other Fine Brands

oem dead stock

Yokohama Motors maintains one of the largest OEM Dead Stock Databases in Japan. Thousands of Parts that are no longer listed in the main manufactures databases we have in ours. Many dealers may simply tell you the parts are no longer available as they just do not know. Contact us for those hard to find items.

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specialty repair services

  • Overhaul Requests  

    Some items that parts are no longer available for can be repaired at our facilities by experienced Mechanics/Machinists. We maintain a large service database for older vehicles and can most likely repair your items such as Carburetors, Starter Motors, and in some cases engine components. Email for special requests

  • Product Reproction Services

    Items that are no longer being produced can be specially ordered. Yokohama Motors can have many items reproduced by the respective makers through build orders. Many cases the turnaround time is less than 3-4 weeks. Inquire with your request in detail. If you know the Part Number please forward in your correspondence.