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Note: Always include you Chassis or VIN number of your vehicle. Also include the Country you are requesting from.

To Speed your request ask the right way!

Include your country for shipping quotation and your VIN/Chassis number (Example: Daihatsu Hijet S210P-123456)

Wrong way to send a request: I have a 1992 Suzuki and I need a clutch kit

Correct way to send a request: I live in Canada and I have a Suzuki Carry the VIN Number is DD51T-123456 and I need a clutch kit.

Note: All Prices on the Websites are in USD$

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Always Include your Chassis or VIN number when inquiring about parts for your Truck/Car!

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Please use Street Address and not P.O Box when placing orders
Fedex & DHL Require Street Addresses, Thank you! 
Note: Always include the Parts Request form when asking for information.